As the Ultimate Music Experience of 2017 is primed to kick off, we want to make sure you’re ready for the weekend including any necessary spring break swag. This is going to be the best UME yet, and to ensure no problems with your existing orders we’re throwing out a final reminder for those who have purchased any of our festive merch upgrades, like PixMob wristbands or Spectified frames.

Bring your merchandise ticket and ID inside the festival grounds to redeem pre-ordered merch!

Light-up bracelets and glowing shades, oh my! Pre-ordered goodies await inside the gates of Ultimate Music Experience. Be sure to pick up your party upgrades inside the festival grounds as soon as your arrive, by presenting your merchandise ticket with valid ID at the appropriate booth. Collect your pair of Spectified’s illuminating glasses at the official merch booth, and you’ll find PixMob just next door.

Take a look at the handy festival map to navigate the grounds and grab your goods!